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Classification of Hook &Loop

I, Common Hook &Loop series: Stitching Hook &Loop, Environmental Hook &Loop, Nylon Hook &Loop, Terylene Hook &Loop, Mixed spinning of chinlon and terylene Hook &Loop, Colored Hook &Loop, Black Hook &Loop, White Hook &Loop. Common fastening tapes, Stitching fastening tapes, Environmental fastening tapes, Nylon fastening tapes, Terylene fastening tapes, Mixed spinning of chinlon and terylene fastening tapes, White fastening tapes, Colored fastening tapes, Black fastening tapes.

II, Special Hook &Loop series:

1, Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop. Adhesive Backed: Hook &Loop is self-adhesive (PS) on the back and high-frequency adhesive (PC) on the top.

From the materials specifically: Adhesive Backed Nonlinting Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Nonlinting fastening tapes, Adhesive Backed Nonfleecing Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Nonfleecing fastening tapes, Adhesive Backed Nonbrushing Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Nonbrushing fastening tapes, Adhesive Backed easy tape, Adhesive Backed injection moulding Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Baby Products Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Ultrathin Easy Tape Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Ultrathin Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Ultrathin fastening tapes, Adhesive Backed Black Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Colored Hook & Loop, Adhesive Backed White Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed Hook & Loop in one-piece, Adhesive Backed fastening tapes in one piece, Adhesive Backed Hook & Loop in one-piece tape, Adhesive Backed fastening tapes in one piece tape, Adhesive Backed Mushroom Head Hook &Loop,  Adhesive Backed Mushroom Head fastening tapes, Self-Adhesive Hook &Loop, Self-Adhesive fastening tapes, Self-Adhesive Hook &Loop for screen window special, Screen Window Adhesive Backed Hook & Loop, Hot iron Adhesive Hook &Loop, Adhesive Backed zipper, 3M Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop, 3M9448 Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop

From the functions specially: Common Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop, Heat Tolerant Hook &Loop (Temperature Range:  0℃—90℃), Heat and Cold Tolerant Hook &Loop (-20℃—110℃), Waterproof Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop, Extreme Adhesive Hook &Loop (commonly used on the PVC), Adhesive Backed Core tapes: function: product apply to the decoration of all kinds aluminium alloy photo frame, artware, which can not be easily stitched.)

From the shapes specially: Red Type Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop, Circular Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop, Rectangle Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop, Red Type Hook &Loop, Red Type fastening tapes, Round Dots Hook &Loop, Round Dots fastening tapes, Circular Adhesive Backed fastening tapes, Slices Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop, Slices Adhesive Backed fastening tapes Circular, oval, triangle, rectangle, are all stamped to each shape ( according to customers’ demand), Adhesive Backed Hook &Loop for screen window special

2, Mushroom Head fastening tapes, Mushroom Head Hook & Loop

3, Voltage fastening tapes, Voltage Hook &Loop, High-Frequency fastening tapes, High-Frequency Hook &Loop, High-Frequency Heat Seal Hook &Loop, High-Frequency Heat Seal fastening tapes, Hook &Loop for High-Frequency Machine special, fastening tapes for High-Frequency Machine special

4, Elastic Hook &Loop, Elastic fastening tapes, Flexible Hook &Loop, Flexible fastening tapes, Elastic armlet, Elastic Band Hook &Loop, Wrist Band Hook &Loop, Elastic Nonlinting Hook &Loop, Elastic Nonlinting fastening tapes, Elastic Linting fastening tapes, Elastic Linting Hook &Loop, Elastic band, Fjp Bingding, Knitting elastic band, Mercerization elastic band, Fjp Bingding elastic band, Narrow goods weaving.

5, Nonlinting Hook &Loop, Nonlinting fastening tapes, Nonfleecing Hook &Loop, Nonfleecing fastening tapes, Nonbrushing Hook &Loop, Nonbrushing fastening tapes.

6, Fine Hook Hook &Loop, Soft Hook Hook &Loop, Baby products Hook &Loops, Baby products fastening tapes, Fine Hook fastening tapes, Soft Hook fastening tapes.

7, Hook &Loop in one-piece, fastening tapes with hook &loop in one-piece, Hook &Loop in one-piece tape, fastening tapes with hook &loop in one-piece tape.

8, Fire-retardant Hook &Loop, Flame retardant Hook &Loop, Fire-retardant fastening tapes, Flame retardant fastening tapes.

9, Nylon loop, Fastening fabric, Magic fabric, Circle flannelette, Special Nylon fastening fabric, Special Nylon bristle fabric, Mop fastening fabric, Fastening fabric for exhibition, Fastening fabric Hook &Loop, Nylon fastening fabric, Bleaching fastening fabric, Terylene fastening fabric, Mop fastening fabric, Warp knitting fastening fabric, Chinlon fastening fabric, Blood pressure fastening fabric, Letters fastening fabric, Sphygmomanometer fastening fabric, Sofa nap cloth magic fabric, Sofa fastening fabric, Magic fabric/ Nylon loop/ fastening fabric Hook &Loop/ fastening tapes/ Nylon fasteners.

10, Easy tape Hook &Loop, Easy tape fastening tapes, Plastic hook Hook & Loop, Plastic fastening tapes, Ultrathin Hook &Loop, Plastic soft hook, Ultrathin fastening tapes, Ultrathin transparent Hook &Loop, Baby products Hook &Loop, Baby products fastening tapes.

11, Back to back Hook &Loop, Back to back fastening tapes, Common hook and loop back to back Hook &Loop, Common hook and nylon loop back to back Hook &Loop, Common hook and fastening tapes back to back Hook &Loop, Mushroom head and common loop back to back Hook &Loop, Easy tapes and Nylon loop back to back Hook &Loop.

12, Wire bungde cord, Hook &Loop for wire cable ties, Fastening tapes for wire cable ties, Bungde cord, Cable ties, Electronic wire cable ties Hook &Loop: This can be divided into back to back Hook &Loop for wire cable ties and ultrasonic Hook &Loop for wire cable ties (hot-pressing wire cable ties), Printing skiing fastening tapes, Hook &Loop tapes. website:(www.szhtai.com)

13, Vulcanization resistance fastening tapes, Water resistance fastening tapes.

14, Colored curling band, Nylon curling band.

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