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     Velcro tape  is just a brand of the hook and loop fastener.So here the point is hook and loop.Then why do i use that Velcro as the title ? I have no choice ,they all do in this day .Haha .Following will tell you what is hook and loop!

     Hook and loop consist of two components: typically, two lineal fabric strips (or, alternatively, round "dots" or squares) which are attached (e.g., sewn, adhered, etc.) to the opposing surfaces to be fastened. The first component features tiny hooks; the second features even smaller and "hairier" loops. When the two components are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and the two pieces fasten or bind temporarily (or forever).When separated, by pulling or peeling the two surfaces apart, the velcro strips make a distinctive "ripping" sound(maybe they are crying).

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